Tammerkosken lukio – Tammerkoski Upper Secondary school

Address: Sammonkatu 2, 33540 Tampere, Finland www.tamlu.net
Number of staff: 46 Number of students: 720, aged 16-19

Tammerkoski upper secondary school is a public general upper secondary school owned by the city of Tampere. Tampere is located about 160 km north of Helsinki, and is one of the biggest cities in Finland. The school is located near the city centre, and operates in the same building with an adult education centre and a public library.

Tammerkoski upper secondary school specialises in art and design. There are over 700 students in our school, and a third of them are art students. Due to the specialisation studies, we get many students from the surrounding region and the whole of Finland.

Finnish upper secondary schools are classless schools, where students are 16 – 19 years old. To graduate, students need to complete the minimum number of 75 courses and pass the national matriculation exam in at least four subjects. Every student must study 46 – 51 compulsory courses, and in addition, they need to study optional courses. Most students graduate upper secondary school in the spring of their third year, but it is possible to prolong one’s studies to four years.

Tammerkoski upper secondary school has a lot of experience in international projects. At the moment we coordinate an Erasmus+ KA2 project Changing Cities, Future Citizens and an Erasmus+ KA1 project. Furthermore, we have several sister schools in Europe, and we also provide job shadowing for European teachers.

Strední umeleckoprumyslová škola Jihlava – Helenín – Upper Secondary school

Adress: Hálkova 42, 586 03 Jihlava – Helenín, Czech Republic
Number of staff: 40, Number of students: 300, aged 15 – 19

Strední umeleckoprumyslová škola Jihlava – Helenín is a secondary school of applied arts in the heart of the Czech Republic, on the outskirts of the small historic town of Jihlava. Located in an old textile factory building, it offers the study of 5 different art disciplines and a field of art management. The school prepares students for further study at art academies. During their studies students try out various art techniques according to their field of study. The school provides education in the fields of painting and illustration, interior design, visual communication, advertising, fashion design and art management. In addition to the curricular activities the school organizes various cultural events like exhibitions, theatrical performances, fashion shows, site specific works of art, etc…throughout the region. The students regularly participate in art and design competitions at regional and national level. The school has successfully participated in several Comenius / Erasmus+ projects.

Droste-Hülshoff-Gymnasium Rottweil – Upper Secondary school

Address: Bismarckstrasse 4, 78628 Rottweil, Germany
Number of staff: 60 Number of students: 600, aged 10 – 18

Droste-Hülshoff-Gymnasium (DHG) is a secondary and upper secondary school located in the southwest of Germany. It has got 600 students aged 10 to 18 (Year 5 to 12) and 60 teachers. At DHG students start English as a foreign language in Year 5 and French as their second foreign language in Year 6. In Year 8 they can choose between Latin, Italian, Music, Technical Education and Physical Education as an additional major.
In addition to many extracurricular activities, such as choirs, orchestras, theatre and fitness clubs, DHG also offers several excursions and exchanges. In Year 7, students go on a school trip to the North Sea, in Year 9 to Berlin and in Year 11, students can choose between study trips to Greece, Great Britain, Italy or France. Exchanges take place between the DHG and schools in France, Italy, Poland and Finland. In the last decade, DHG has successfully participated in several Comenius / Erasmus+ projects.

Liceo “F. Corradini” – Upper Secondary school – Thiene (VI) – ITALY

Liceo “F. Corradini” is a highly-accomplished secondary school with four courses of studies. Our students specialize in Sciences, Humanities, Foreign Languages, Social and Socioeconomic Studies. The school is located in northern Italy, in the Veneto region, namely in the Vicenza Province.
Liceo “F. Corradini” has a long tradition of Education to European Citizenship, it has been involved in several national and international projects and language exchanges among students. Moreover, our students take also part in several national competition in their field of specialization (e.g., Maths, Physics, Biology, Robotics, Greek, Latin etc).
Our school has about 1100 students and 110 teachers. It is renowned for its high language teaching quality, being the siege of international language exams and certifications. In addition to the school curricula, the school offers different extracurricular activities such as a chamber music ensemble, a drama group and a school newspaper.

Liceo Corradini di Thiene – Italy

Jesús y María Primary and Upper Secondary school – Valladolid – SPAIN

Plaza Colegio de Sta. Cruz, 7, 47002 Valladolid (Spain)
Number of staff: 70 .Number of students : 750 ,aged 1-18

Jesús y María Primary and Upper Secondary school is a medium- sized school with over 750 students and about 70 teachers. The urban location of our school makes it easier to organize outings and take advantage of the municipal programs that our city offers to students thus enriching their learning as well as their motivation.
In response to the needs of our society our school has become bilingual in both English and Spanish. This has led us to organize a whole linguistics immersion program that begins in Primary Education and has continuity along Secondary Education.
Our school has also set the focus on a new approach to education based on new methodologies such as flipped classroom, theme based projects or gaming. The training of teachers in this sense is continuous, always in the search of new active methodologies that contribute to the acquisition of knowledge in an attractive and effective way.
Furthermore, we have tried to address the needs of gifted students by offering them the possibility of enrolling different enrichment courses which take place on daily basis in collaboration with the University of Valladolid. The project assignments can easily be carried out in the frame of our school curriculum, and that is also one further motivation for this project. The fact that our City Hall is currently implementing a European funded project based on nature solutions as well as the fact that our school is involved in many activities dealing with sustainability (Green homes, The Science Club…) make this project suitable for our students and could mean the icing on the cake. It would therefore enrich our students´ curriculum and help us to achieve our main objective too, namely, make our students become responsible citizens.
We regularly work via interdisciplinary and collaborative projects dealing with different topics. In this sense we have become a framework of reference for other schools. In addition, we have been awarded the eTwinning National Prize for a joint venture with a school in France and most recently the eTwinning Quality Label for an Erasmus project in English coordinated by our organization. Our school has been awarded the eTwinning School Label 2019-2020.

Resultado de imagen de colegio jesus y maria valladolid