LTT Jihlava: Leave Your Mark!

In March 2022 the project students met for a virtual mobility organized by the Czech Art School SUPŠ Jihlava-Helenín. The task was to design site specific art.

Here you can find the program of the online meeting.


Jan Peknik Kozák: Artist & Art Educator in 8smička
The first lecture was by Jan Peknik Kozák who is an artist, teacher and art educator based in the Czech highlands. He studied Fine Art at London’s Central St Martins. He is part of the art zone 8smicka project -Humpolec where he lectures, teaches and runs various programs. As a fine artist he works in a variety of mediums including painting, collage and print.

MgA. Pavel Karous, Ph.D.
The second lecture was by Pavel Karous, who is a visual artist, pedagogue, commentator and publicist in the field of art in public space. He creates objects, devotes himself to locally specific installations, interventions in public space,realizations in architecture, exhibitions, scenography, and design. He graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague in the Studio of Space Design. He currently runs the Sculpture studio at Scholastica school in Prague. In his work, he focuses primarily on the relationship between geometry and human society. With his long-term projects “Aliens and Herons” and “Predators and Flamingos”, he documents and popularizes fine art in public space from the period of real socialism and real capitalism.

Group work in the international teams

Students worked in international groups where they designed site specifc artworks. The topic was: What was lost? What is missing? Each team was assigned a place in one country. The local member of the team introduced the from their town. Something used to be there, something was lost. Students tried to reflect this “lost thing” in their artwork. They had help: our art teachers Jan Peknik and MgA. Zuzana Bartošová (the head of the Design and Visual Communication department) went from group to group in MS Teams and offered their advice.
Group work in the national teams. The local project students later created the designed artwork in their town.

Artwork catalog

You can check the created artworks in this catalog.

Presentations in The Vysočina Regional Gallery: A hybrid event

Invitation for the event – poster
The teams’ spokespersons presented the artworks in the Jihlava gallery. Czech students attended in person, the partner schools attended via MS Teams.

It was an unusual hybrid event, most likely a first time for the local gallery. Have a look at the artworks which were created:
Czech artwork 1
Czech artwork 2
Finnish artwork
German artwork
Italian arwork
Spanish artwork

LTT Photoalbum

Have a look at the photoalbum from the whole week. These photos and screenshots were taken in 5 countries and in MS Teams.

LTT Videos

Check out our videos too! One was created by the documentation team and edited by the Czech students, the credit for the other one goes to Spain.
LTT Video by the documentation group

LTT Video by Spain