Thiene meeting

Monday 24.1.2022

Monday was the starting day of our Thiene meeting.

We started the morning with a video call on Teams with all the participants. First the principal from Italy’s Liceo Corradini gave us an opening speech followed by a musical performance performed by a student. After that we got to see introduction videos of each school and the students participating in this meeting. We also briefly presented the decision-making process of each city. We were given instructions of the resolutions that we will prepare during this week.

Lastly, we were divided into seven groups to do some ice-breaking activities. In the afternoon we had time to work together in those groups. The six resolution groups worked on their resolutions and we in the documentation group started writing an article.

Tuesday 25.1.2022

On the second day of the Erasmus+ project we focused on the resolutions in the smaller groups.

We asked the resolution groups how their work is coming together. Some of them are searching for information and others are making arguments for the debate. The group number 2 said that they’re currently deciding on responsibility areas for each student and soon they’ll start writing the written version of the resolution.

Wednesday 26.1.2022

We started the morning by working in small groups. Today’s agenda is to finish the resolutions which include the PowerPoint and the written form of the resolutions.

After our break we were shown a very interesting video about Venice and climate change. The video presented the implications of climate change and how they can take action to solve them. Vice president of the Veneto regional council

Roberto Ciambetti gave a speech from a decision-making point of view about actions that can be made to tackle the problems. There was also a presentation of Palazzo Ferro Fini which is the site of the regional council of Veneto. For the rest of the Afternoon the job is to finish the resolutions so that they’ll be ready for debate tomorrow.

Thursday 27.1.2022

Today’s the final day which means that the debates will be today. In the morning the groups have a final hour to prepare feedback for the other’s group resolution.
After the feedbacks are done, we will all gather and start the presentations.The presentations include the resolution, then another group’s feedback , the original group’s response to the feedback and lastly voting. There will be six presentations in total. The whole afternoon is reserved for the presentations. After those we will have closing words to end this Thiene meeting and say final greetings to all the participants.