Tamlu in Valladolid

In 24th – 29th of October the meeting for the Erasmus+ project Changing Cities, Future Citizens was held in Valladolid, Spain. Although students from Finland and the Czech Republic were the only ones able to attend, we had a wonderful time working on the project and taking part in the activities organized for us.

Our journey began from outside our school at 2 AM. We were all excited and ecstatic for the week that lied ahead of us. Although there were some complications, the whole group eventually made its way to the plane, and we were off to Amsterdam! We had a quick plane change there and once in Madrid, we hopped on a bus heading to Valladolid. We arrived at the Valladolid bus station at around 5 PM where we were greeted by our host families. We all went our separate ways and spent the rest of the day recovering from the long trip and getting to know our hosts.

On Monday we started early in the morning. The Spanish students had arranged us breakfast before the official program started. After that we all got to the school lobby and from there moved to the auditorium for the opening ceremony. There we saw many amazing acts and presentations. We also had to introduce ourselves and our school, which, despite being a bit chaotic on our part, worked out fine in the end.

Opening ceremony

After the opening ceremony, there was a reception at the school chapel where we got to taste some Spanish foods. Once done with the reception, we started to make our way to the City Council, where we would hear a lecture on GreenUp . On our way there we got to see some beautiful sights of the city. After the lecture at the City Council, we visited the interventions that had been implemented to the city by GreenUp.

Tamlu group in Valladolid