Valladolid online meeting

During the past year we have been working on the project, but unfortunately we haven’t been able to meet due to the pandemic. Luckily we had a chance to meet other Erasmus students online.

On Tuesday 27th of April, we had a Teams meeting with the whole Valladolid group, almost 50 people. We were divided into smaller groups in which we introduced ourselves, telling our names and countries. After that, we played Two Truths and a Lie, where each of us told two truths and one lie, and the others had to guess the lie. Then we presented a picture of our favorite place in nature and told what it means to us and why we like it. Finally, we were supposed to act out something about a city but unfortunately, our group was not able to finish this before the time ran out. The meeting was a great opportunity for us to get to know each other before the meeting in Valladolid. We exchanged contact info in order to keep in touch before the meeting in Valladolid.

“An Erasmus meeting for students and teachers of different nationalities took place on 27 April. I’m talking from the students’ point of view and I have to say that I think we all agree that in the end it was worth it. At first there was only nervousness mixed with enthusiasm and when the appointed time came these feelings only increased.
The meeting began with the introduction of the coordinators of the different countries and with the distribution of the groups.
I bet no one could think anything at the time!
It was a relief that all the members of the group got along so easily. In the conversation we had to talk about the things that the teacher assigned us, but over time we put that aside and started talking normally.
Summarizing this meeting not only helped us learn and increase our experience, but also meet new people.”

Isabel Santos, Erasmus student (Colegio Jesús y María, Valladolid. Spain)

“On 27th April 2021 we met the Valladolid Erasmus+ group via Microsoft Teams. It was a great experience. We met the group with which we will work in Valladolid.

At first it was pretty embarrassing because it was the first time we met our international partners but then we introduced ourselves and chatted. The coordinators made us play a game to ‘break the ice’. It was great fun. We really like being able to talk to guys who live in other parts of Europe, so it was a nice and interesting experience and we can’t wait to do it again!!!!”

From Corradini’s Erasmus+ group (Liceo “Francesco Corradini” di Thiene)