Linces Verdes Club and Erasmus at Colegio Jesús y María, Valladolid Spain

At  our school, through weekly tutorials dedicated to ecological reflection, we have been made aware of the multiple environmental challenges that the Earth faces: garbage in our oceans, rivers full of waste, cities whose air is unbreathable … That is why we, from our group “Linces Verdes” decided that it was time to act. In addition , we were told about the Erasmus project and its topic so we realised that together we could walk in the same direction.

We decided to start a project focused on the actions that could be implemented in our daily life, to fight against the environmental problems that have arisen on our planet in recent decades. In conclusion, we found that recycling is one of the simplest daily activities that seeks a solution to the problem of waste accumulation and its use, therefore we wanted to promote it.

For this reason and with the aim of improving the environment, our  school,Colegio Jesús y María , put at our disposal, in the courtyard, three different types of containers. One blue for paper, one brown for organic waste and other grey for plastics,  this way, both young and all students smaller, we become aware of the selective collection of garbage .

This project, promoted by tutorials and posters and the Erasmus team, has been quite successful, as it provides students with an easy way to try to change and improve what is everyone’s responsibility, such as taking care of our planet.

Here , you will find some other photos.

Colegio Jesús y María , Valladolid, Spain