Wild Zone lecture

On January 22nd we attended a lecture by Jere Nieminen, the president of the Wild Zone association. He told us about the goals and activities of the organization and what they are doing at the moment. There are a lot of bare areas around the city, which are usually left as they are or filled with grass. Wild Zone’s goal is to fill those places with flowers and other greenery to make the cityscape look more pleasant. Mr Nieminen showed us some pictures of Wild Zone’s works from different locations in Tampere and other places.

Wild Zone works mostly without the permission of the landowner and uses only indigenous plants that could naturally exist in the area. The organization has also done work with certain residential areas by having the residents help Wild Zone with planting trees and flowers. Behind all this lies the main goal of nature conservation. We found the lecture very interesting and we were glad to have had the chance to attend it. It gave us thoughts that could be useful later during the project.