Innovation, Now!

The Erasmus+ Changing Cities, Future Citizens visit in Rottweil, Germany Nov 17 – 22, 2019

The theme for the visit in Germany was city planning, so for the duration of our stay, we worked on projects that had to do with that theme. For example, we learnt about the future projects in Rottweil and redesigned areas of the town. In addition to Finnish and German students, the project also includes students from Italia, Czech Republic and Spain.

We started our travel by taking a bus at around five in the morning to Helsinki airport from Tampere bus station. After a long day of travelling we arrived at Rottweil, Germany from Stuttgart airport at about six in the evening.

On Monday morning, we were first divided into seven groups, where we got acquainted with the other group members from other countries by learning a bit of German, and also taking a tour of the Droste-Hülshoff-Gymnasium school.

Later that day we went on a tour of Rottweil town center and learnt a bit about the town’s history. Even though school lunch was paid for us, we were a bit confused about the fact that the German students had to pay for their school lunches, and also how the lunch ladies rationed our portions on our plates instead of us getting the food ourselves.