Our stay in Rottweil

On November 17th, 6 other 1º Bachillerato classmates and I started our trip to Rottweil, a German city where the first phase of the Erasmus+ project, in which the school is involved, took place .

The journey was long, I’m not gonna lie to you. We left Valladolid at 2 am to be  able to take off from Barajas at 10 and land in Zurich (where we weren’t able to use our mobile data) at 12.20pm. From there we took three trains to reach the city where some German families were waiting for us. I think I speak for everyone when I say that afternoon was the toughest of them all. And it’s not because the families were mean or anything, they were really nice to us, but because the language, place and people were unknown for us. And, to be honest, we were too tired to deal with  all that. 

But the next morning started the really important part of this experience. All the students involved in the Erasmus met in the school where we met each other, and got to know about the school and project. They made the groups, from that moment it began to be more than a project. We met people from Finland, Czech Republic, Italy and, of course, Germany. All of us with different cultures and languages, but we got to understand each other and learn about our cultures through English. I think that people is what I really take from the experience, They’re people I’ll probably never see again, but they made my stay in Rottweil a million times better. 

At work!

It wasn’t just the people what made it a good experience, we also got to know Rottweil and Stuttgart and do another bunch of interesting activities. And the project was something I also enjoyed doing, I think it was an interesting idea and we all ended up making the project quite well 

However, every good story  has have an end, and ours was November november 22th. 22nd It was the moment to say goodbye. We were all going to come back to our countries and almost certainly never meeting again. But, even if it was a little bit sad, we all gained a great experience that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. 

Carmen Gómez Testera ( participant in the Erasmus + meeting in Rottweil )