Seminar in Tampere

We started our Erasmus project by attending a seminar about the city planning of Tampere held at our school by Ms Jaana Vanhatalo from the department of architecture in Tampere University. Ms Vanhatalo explained to us how city planning works and what city planners actually do. She also told us about the ongoing as well as the upcoming projects for the city and its center, for example, the Tampere deck and arena, and the tramway across the city and some of its biggest suburbs, too. We were also given a small peek into how different the city could have looked if some of the bigger projects from the past would have been agreed upon and completed. There could for example right now stand four churches around our main square, all dedicated to different religions. The main square could also be completely flat as that was a concept that many city planners and architects suggested again and again over the years. We left the seminar with a lot of information that we can base our tasks and assignments
on during the Erasmus+ project.